The paintings that are available from John Noott's Cotswold art galleries span the centuries, from the early 19th century, through Victorian, Edwardian, and Modern British painting of the mid-20th century.  All are available to view by appointment.  Please call John Noott on 01386 852787.  We have a stunning display of  contemporary paintings, both traditional and modern in style, on show at our gallery  at 10, The Green, Broadway.

The media used are as many and varied as the styles and genres employed by the artists on display, including oils, watercolours, etchings and small-edition fine art giclee prints.

Many of our clients have specific interests when choosing a picture and we are always happy to help you make your choice.

Contemporary Paintings

We are extremely proud of our contemporary artists as we are fortunate to have works from the most skilful and respected painters in Britain and Europe. Remarkable landscapes from the distinctive styles of John Hammond SWAc, Caroline Bailey RWS and Mike Bernard RI; intuitive humour from Peter Heard and Sam Toft; the allure of the high seas from Duncan MacGregor; hypnotic still life from Ian Parker and Nigel Ashcroft; tantalising Russian dancers from Valeriy and Katya Gridnev contrasted with the gritty Black Country charm of Austin Moseley RBSA and many, many more. We display an intoxicating mix of painting skills today, ranging from impressionism to hyperrealism displayed in three stunning galleries.

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20th Century Paintings

The twentieth century saw the whole spectrum of art, from innovators such as Picasso, through to the American Abstract Impressionists, to Damian Hirst and to others. At John Noott Galleries, while possibly stocking the work of artists influenced in some way by these great names, we tend to be perhaps a little old fashioned, generally selecting work from the twenties to the sixties, by artists who were actually trained to draw, but who were subtly influenced by the Impressionist movement of the previous century. Favourites would include such names as Edward Seago, Sir William Russell Flint, Dorothea Sharp, William Lee Hankey, Marcel Dyf, and artists of the Camden Town School, but we are as likely to stock relatively little known names, as long as they are typical of the period, and of quality.

20th Century Paintings

19th Century Paintings

The latter half of the nineteenth century saw a burgeoning of the market for art, new wealth following the Industrial Revolution and the fruits of empire-building meant that there was a market for galleries and dealers to serve. The great characteristic of paintings of the period would be superb technical quality, particularly shown in genre paintings of the period, beautifully conceived and drawn, realistically depicting the people of the day, in the home, or going about their business. John Noott Galleries started forty years ago, specialising in such work and in the wonderful landscape, still life, and marine paintings of the time, and still maintain a carefully chosen selection, both British and European. Artists may include such as Samuel Bough, David Bates, Pieter Cornellis Dommersen, John Emms, Friedrich Wilhelm Keyl, Frederick Morgan Antonio Paoletti or Alfred de Breanski � the list changes frequently. And of course, no gallery would be complete without the occasional Old Master, in our case most likely to be a fine period portrait or still life.

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