Anthony Theakston

Anthony Theakston

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Anthony Theakston was born in 1965.  He studied ceramic design at Bristol and went on to gain an MA at the Cardiff Institute of Higher education.  He has also lectured at Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts and many other institutions.


From a barn owl’s squint to the walking movement of a stalking heron, Anthony captures the bird’s essential traits with the sparest of lines. ‘I look for birds that are sculptural, with a dynamic form’ explains Anthony ‘pelicans, puffins, penguins, herons and owls are my kind of thing. If there’s a pattern to my work, its that 90% of my pieces are sea or water birds. It must be something to do with the fact that they’ve evolved to have long legs, big beaks, or other expressive features’.


Anthony starts his sculptures with quick sketches from nature.   This enables him to capture the moment and form which he then refines into a design on paper.  He then carves the shape out of plaster and casts it in ceramic.  Anthony uses special 'speckle' glaze he has created, he sprays the colour in the glaze, building up in areas he wants emphasized.  He also finishes in a plain cream.


Anthony Theakston has received many awards and his work is in many international collections, including The British Council and the Ashmolean Museum.  Anthony's work has appeared in several books, including Time for Tea and Ceramic sculpture.  His work is highly collectable and is considered by many to be the antiques of the future.


Status: For sale. Title: Large sideways Barn Owl Price: £770.00
Title : Large sideways Barn Owl
Size : 13.00" x 18.00"
Medium : Ceramic
Price : £770.00
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Large sideways Barn Owl by Anthony Theakston